Ralls County Mutual Insurance Company is known for fast and fair claim service. Whether it’s a result of damage to your home or personal property, you can count on us to process your claim efficiently.


  • Protect your property from further damage after a disaster.
  • Complete temporary repairs to prevent additional damage.
  • Contact your agent as soon as possible. If your agent is unavailable, call Ralls County Mutual Insurance directly. The toll-free number is: 877-367-3551.
  • Take notes. Write down what happened, the day and time the loss occurred, detailed description of the loss and damaged items. Take photos if necessary.
  • If the damage is caused by theft or vandalism, report it to the police immediately and check your property for missing items. Request a police report be sent to your agent as soon as possible.
  • In the event of a liability claim against you, report all available information regarding the incident to your agent.
  • Do not accept responsibility for a loss without speaking to your agent first.
  • Co-operate fully with your insurance claims adjuster.